How choosing an award-winning Estate Agency can DO

When you begin your search for an Estate Agent to take on your home sale, it can be hard to know what attributes and qualities to look for. Discover why ‘Award winner’ should be top on your list of must-haves, and what an incredible difference it could make to your whole experience…

Spring 2024 is officially around the corner, and as it’s traditionally the most popular time to sell a home, the housing market is growing to new levels. The prospect of the proposed 99% mortgages and more favourable rates have given a boom of new buyers a chance to find their dream home, and we’re seeing signs in the property market of a great year ahead. If you were holding off your home sale for a more profitable season, here’s your chance.

The first step is clearly to find the perfect local Estate Agent to take on the journey, but with so many to choose from, and with all proclaiming to be ‘the best’ option, should you take them at their word or is there another way to gain a more accurate insight into what they can offer you?

The answer lies in external proof. Estate Agents who achieve accolades from independent sources, judged by a standard of real customer service can ensure you are making the correct choice for your home. So, let’s talk about the tangible differences an award-winning agent can offer you, and why it could DOUBLE your chances of a successful and profitable sale.

1. Award winning agents give the best customer service
Estate Agent awards are judged in one of two ways. Either the judges have collated customer experiences over the time period in question, or ‘secret shoppers’ have gone undercover to find out how the agent treats their customers. In both cases, the award will go to those who give consistent stellar customer service.

Why does customer service matter? Well, for one, it changes your experience. Do you want to stay informed and have quick and thorough responses? Do you want your home sale to be worked hard on, given time to, and every avenue explored to achieve the best price? Do you want your buyer to also be given great a customer service so they are happy to go ahead with the purchase?

Selling a home is all about relationships, giving people a happy and exciting experience, and award-winning agents have proven they can do this.

2. Visibility of the brand
Who is a quality, serious buyer going to sign up with? It’s likely going to be an award-winning agent they’ve seen locally and who appears to them online.

Winning awards drives up the visibility and viability of an Estate Agent, meaning more buyers come to them for homes, meaning a bigger list of prospects for them to match with your home for sale. Better matches then mean greater competition among buyers, and higher offers for you. You end up selling faster and for more money.

3. Award-winning agents often use more cutting edge technology
A great customer experience is usually achieved by putting effective systems in place to communicate to customers, move things along, accurately price the property, and convey important information which could affect the sale.

At Oakwood Homes, we utilise a tool called Homesearch. Homesearch gives you key data about your home you can’t find anywhere else. It’s unbiased, compares against every single other property in the UK, and collates everything in a user-friendly way.

From past sales data to extensive research into the area to estimated sale and rental value, everything is at your fingertips, and ready to use. Expert data plus expert agent knowledge means a better service for everyone. Click HERE to give it a try!

In 2023 alone, Oakwood Homes won 11 customer service awards, and an award for ‘sustainable agent of the year’. We pride ourselves on continually winning each year and doing bigger and better for our customers the next.

To chat about what we can offer, and how we achieve a more SUCCESSFUL sale for you, contact us via the form on this blog page, find your local branch via the website or call 03300 577654.